Imagine When...
everyone practices tolerance.
- Tina Ketchie-Sterns, March 2012
every woman loves her body.
~ C.B. April 2012 at the Earth Day Fair Dream Tent
art, music, dance and theatre are considered fundamental in our schools.
~ Cyndi Briggs, April 2011
healthcare and college are universal and free for everyone.
~ Taylor J.C., 15 yrs old, Authoring Action, July 2012
everyone in our community can feel safe riding a bike.
~ Wren Wilson, Salem College Student, January 2012
everyone on the planet has ample, clean drinking water.
~ Robin Lynn-Whitestar, September 2011
taking time to dream becomes a pleasurable and valued habit.
~ Mark Leech, SECCA, November 2011
we become a culture focused on wellness, not illness.
love is the only binding marriage contract.
~ Tony Jenkins, 17 yrs. old, Authoring Action
liberal and conservative ideas merge for the good of the world.
~ Tim Johnson, October 2012
It's easy for ALL of us to say "I love you and respect you" to others.
~ Teddy Burriss, November 2011
every child has access to three healthy meals a day, every day.
~ Debra, August 2011
peace reigns in our hearts and on this earth.
~ White Star, December 2011
everyone knows their own worth.
~ Sandy Phocas, January 2012
we can all smile and laugh without being judged.
~ Dominick Swygert, 13 yrs old, Authoring Action, Summer 2012
we all aspire to inspire.
~ Julie Crayne, November 2011
every child in Winston-Salem has a place to call home with people who love them.
~ Jasmine Little, 14 yrs. old, Authoring Action (former foster care child)
we long for the moment rather than the weekend or 5 pm.
~ @NCwiseman, March 2012
we invest in ourselves and our community.
~ Lucinda Brogdan, February 2012
the dreams of children are heard over the cynicisms of adults.
~ Lynn Rhoades, October 2011
we come to see a person's worth through their soul, not their bank account.
creativity is the norm.
we realize our true nature is bliss absolute.
~ Lynn Felder, Yoga Gallery, June 2012
everyone makes time to dream, every day.
~ Cheryl Schirillo, October 2011
all public schools serve delicious, nutritious food to our children.
~ Cyndi Briggs, December 2011
Free, renewable energy is available for all.
~ WSW, May 2012
world peace becomes a requirement. When war is done and we leave it at that.
~ Maya Burgess, 14 yrs old, Authoring Action, July 2012



Dreaming Big with Winston-Salem, the Triad Tribe, North Carolina and The World.  
The mission of the Imagination Installations Project (ii) is to co-create our world by unleashing the power of imagination one dream at a time.

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Beyond Imagination is our next interactive, public art experience on Sept 22 and 24. Details on our events page. Free tickets on Eventbrite:


Cheryl Schirillo Wren Wilson



“Often, it is up to us as individuals to make our own dreams come true. You can’t just wait around for something to happen. Rather than complaining or idle wistfulness, take steps to move towards the result you wish to see,” states artist Wren Wilson pictured here with Imagination Installations’ Founder, Cheryl Schirillo. They are standing immersed in ii’s latest interactive, public art exhibit now live at the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts. “We must take it upon ourselves to make the change we wish to see in the world, no matter how great or small.” Read the rest of Wren’s artist statement here.

We’re not dreaming to be cute. We’re helping people, communities and companies access their dreams for the future and make them a reality. Learn more about our Imagination Campaigns and Dream Incubating (Micro-granting) events here.


Cyndi on TEDxStage

Imagination on the TEDx Stage.  Tuesday, April 16, one of our founding volunteers, Cyndi Briggs, stepped onto the TED Talk Stage and delivered an awe-inspiring presentation about dreaming, heartbreak, risk taking and the power of imagination.

Dream Photos at TEDx:  Please visit the photo albums on our Facebook Page to see photos of the Dreamers at TEDx Greensboro and the hundreds of Imagine When… Statements they created.


dreamdacingDreams from the Future – Events Sampling  

This summer we co-created our first interactive, public performance-art experience, a dream-dancing event with the Sideshow Saturdays Project. See photos here. Our second, permanent, interactive public art exhibit was installed at The New Winston Museum. The Winston-Salem Journal published a great article on the installation in the Sunday newspaper, we created a blog post with youth videos, and we got some great photos of the Unveiling Party. For Earth Day Fair Dream Tent Photos, go here. To see photos of the 47 architects, urban designers, artists, community leaders and other innovators working together at The Imagination Design Marathon go here.


Look below to read some Imagine When… statements and discover what people in the Triad Tribe are dreaming about today.

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Imagine When…
Liberal and conservative ideas merge for the good of the world. ~ Tim Johnson
Every child in the US has access to three healthy meals a day, every day. ~ Cheryl Lindsay
We really know our neighbors. – Gail Fisher
We all believe we can make a difference. ~ Steve
Everyone embraces the power of their imaginations. – Cheryl Schirillo
Every person has a safe place to call home. – Sandy
We all believe it’s more important to be happy than right. – WSW
We all live without fear. – Jan Detter
Everyone on the planet has ample, clean drinking water. – R.L.
We all long for the moment and not just Friday or 5:00 pm. – Teddy Burriss
Everyone realizes the value of their dreams. ~ C.B.S.
Art, music, dance and theatre are considered fundamental in our schools. – Cyndi Briggs
Everyone with a dream to open a new business does so successfully. – Thomas
It’s easy for all of us to say “I Love you” and “I respect you” to others. – @NCWiseman
Everyone has a real friend. – Tina S.
Bike racks are more sought out than parking spaces. ~ Rebecca McCormick
Everyone feels loved. ~ Debra Chiarello
Winston-Salem is a hotbed of digital design talent. ~ Carol Strohecker
We are all excited about offering our talents. – Richard
The innocence of a child stays within us. – Mimi Cunningham
W-S has public health so effective, and health care costs so low, that companies are eager to do business here and people travel across the country to study our success. ~ Jim Toole

Share your dreams with us by adding your Imagine When… Below.