Dreaming From The Heart, Not The Mind by Robin White Star

HeartStoneOur mind (or ego) loves to make requests.  Things we think we ought to do, have to have, should be doing in our life by the time we are a certain age, etc.  These mind requests have nothing to do with our heart requests.  Mind requests are like the decisions we make – logical, symmetrical, linear – but they don’t engage our hearts.  Either early on or later on, mind requests run out of steam, being shown for the illusions they are.  They often fall in line with what our parents wanted for us, or what society says is a good thing to do even though we don’t feel any resonance with it.

A man came to me for healing a few years back, feeling empty and unfulfilled in his life.  Turns out he loved to tinker with vintage cars in his free time.  That was his true love – working with his hands to rebuild the motors and interiors – something about it engaged his heart and when he talked about his passion, his enthusiasm was real.  Because his parents wanted him to be a doctor and he had the brains for it, that is the career he pursued which he ultimately found unfulfilling, although he was good at it.  He knew he was helping people but his work left him feeling empty with his heart disengaged.  Left to his own devices he would have excelled as a happy and fulfilled vintage car mechanic – not exactly the status or income his parents wanted for him, but who knows where that path would have taken him.

We have learned to talk ourselves out of our heart desires, thinking they should only live in the realm of imagination or fairy tales.  There are many examples of people who have followed their hearts — breaching the do’s and don’ts drilled into them as children — and are now living their dreams.  Listen to their stories.  They can inspire us to do the same. We can all live our own fairytale.  We may have learned beliefs that say we are not smart enough, lucky enough, well-connected enough, affluent enough, sacrificing enough, and on and on.  These are the lies.  These beliefs have nothing to do with the truth that we can live our lives guided and directed by our heart choices.  Yes, it’s scary sometimes but not as much as you’d think!  I have found that it is more exciting then scary, that it is profoundly engaging and rewarding to take responsibility for my happiness and to dream my life into being — to manifest the life I want to live.

There are people all around the world (and you may be one of them) making requests or prayers for peace, harmony, mutual respect and equality for every being on the planet.  When enough people are making the same request, being specific and not limiting (i.e., that some are not worthy of respect or because of past actions certain persons would not be included in this vision of peace) than this dream, this request will be made manifest through amazing and miraculous ways.

We are co-creators of our lives and of our collective experience together in this time and place called Planet Earth in the 21st century. We cannot make a request and then sit by idly waiting for it to fall into our lap, however.  Once the request has been made, our work is to listen, trust and pay attention so we can take the actions or non-actions that we are being called to take in order to birth our dreams.

Robin White StarRobin White Star is part of the Imagination Installations’ Vision Circle/Board of Directors.

She also the creator of Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge in Winston-Salem, NC which offers shamanic healing, native teachings and sacred ceremonies to help guide you on the Beauty Way.

If you’d like to be part of a community that is having fun learning how to dream from our hearts more and more, please check out our Dream Campaign and watch the video to see what people in your community are “dreaming into being.”

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