Imagine When...
It's easy for ALL of us to say "I love you and respect you" to others.
~ Teddy Burriss, November 2011
everyone knows their own worth.
~ Sandy Phocas, January 2012
healthcare and college are universal and free for everyone.
~ Taylor J.C., 15 yrs old, Authoring Action, July 2012
every child in Winston-Salem has a place to call home with people who love them.
~ Jasmine Little, 14 yrs. old, Authoring Action (former foster care child)
taking time to dream becomes a pleasurable and valued habit.
~ Mark Leech, SECCA, November 2011
love is the only binding marriage contract.
~ Tony Jenkins, 17 yrs. old, Authoring Action
creativity is the norm.
we come to see a person's worth through their soul, not their bank account.
we long for the moment rather than the weekend or 5 pm.
~ @NCwiseman, March 2012
art, music, dance and theatre are considered fundamental in our schools.
~ Cyndi Briggs, April 2011
everyone makes time to dream, every day.
~ Cheryl Schirillo, October 2011
every child has access to three healthy meals a day, every day.
~ Debra, August 2011
everyone on the planet has ample, clean drinking water.
~ Robin Lynn-Whitestar, September 2011
every woman loves her body.
~ C.B. April 2012 at the Earth Day Fair Dream Tent
everyone practices tolerance.
- Tina Ketchie-Sterns, March 2012
we become a culture focused on wellness, not illness.
world peace becomes a requirement. When war is done and we leave it at that.
~ Maya Burgess, 14 yrs old, Authoring Action, July 2012
liberal and conservative ideas merge for the good of the world.
~ Tim Johnson, October 2012
all public schools serve delicious, nutritious food to our children.
~ Cyndi Briggs, December 2011
we all aspire to inspire.
~ Julie Crayne, November 2011
we invest in ourselves and our community.
~ Lucinda Brogdan, February 2012
peace reigns in our hearts and on this earth.
~ White Star, December 2011
the dreams of children are heard over the cynicisms of adults.
~ Lynn Rhoades, October 2011
everyone in our community can feel safe riding a bike.
~ Wren Wilson, Salem College Student, January 2012
we realize our true nature is bliss absolute.
~ Lynn Felder, Yoga Gallery, June 2012
Free, renewable energy is available for all.
~ WSW, May 2012
we can all smile and laugh without being judged.
~ Dominick Swygert, 13 yrs old, Authoring Action, Summer 2012


Beyond Imag logo-page-001Beyond Imagination:  Free Tickets here:

Thinking BIG outside the box, dreaming BIG inside the CUBE


Our next, interactive, public art experience will be presented inside the 60′ x 60′ CUBE at

Center for Design Innovation, 450 Design Avenue, W-S, (near Old Salem), on


Friday, September 22, 5:30 – 8:30 pm

Sunday, September 24, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Journey into the cosmos and leap beyond your imagination into a multi-media, interactive, public art experience presented by




Seed your dreams for our community’s future as you immerse yourself in the sounds and colors of nature. Watch the Tree of Life grow on the four-story high screen as you walk a giant figure 8.

RSVP for FREE: Donations gratefully accepted at the door.

WALK INs are welcome for this “open house” format. Your RSVP via Eventbrite is appreciated so we can manage the flow of people through the CUBE. Free and ample parking on site. Children welcome!

RSVP via Eventbrite here:

Join our Facebook Event to receive updates here:

TEDxGreensboro’s Inaugural Event

Cyndi Briggs and Josephus III at TEDx Greensboro

Imagination Installations on the TEDx Stage: Tuesday, April 16, one of our founding volunteers, Cyndi Briggs, stepped onto the TED Stage and delivered an awe-inspiring presentation about dreaming, heartbreak, risk taking and the power of imagination. She’s pictured here with Josephus III, another TED Speaker.

Here’s the video of Cyndi speaking on the TEDx Stage in Greensboro. People were laughing, gasping and drying their eyes at the end.

Dream Photos at TEDx

Please visit the photo albums on our Facebook Page to see photos of the Dreamers at TEDx Greensboro and the hundreds of Imagine When… Statements they created.

dreamdacingDream Dancing with Sideshow Saturdays
1st Performance Art Installation for ii
Imagination Installations teamed up with The Sideshow Saturdays Project to enliven community dreams through interactive dance. The audience watched their dreams for the future move and unfold before their eyes as a group of dance artists transformed their “Imagine When…” statement into physical reality. Audience members also danced and experienced their dreams flowing through gestures, movement, spoken word and intention. The dream-dancing took place on the street in front of Golden Flower Tai Chi Center, next to Finnigan’s Wake, just down the street from the Summer on Trade, live music stage.


Dreaming for Mother Earth
Piedmont Earth Day Fair
Winston-Salem Fairgrounds

For the past five years we have participating in the Piedmont Earth Day Fair. Hands on activities at our booth have included: creating nature mandalas, hanging dream leaves in the Tree of Life, and with the help of Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge, ceremonial dream seeding.




Reflecting On Dreams
Lobby of The Milton Rhodes Arts Center

Wren and Cheryl

In this interactive, public art  installation,
viewers shared their “Imagine When… statement,
and explored what other community members
were creating in their lives.

Local Artist, Wren Wilson, designed this interactive public art installation for Imagination Installations and Associated Artists.

During River Run International Film Festival, April 16 through 26th we also collected and shared dreams inspired by the movies people are experiencing. Search #ImagineWhen to see photos and dream statements.

milton and hanes

These interactive experiences took place inside the Milton Rhodes Arts Center on Spruce St (next to HanesBrands Theater).

“Often, it is up to us as individuals to make our own dreams come true. You can’t just wait around for something to happen. Rather than complaining or idle wistfulness, take steps to move towards the result you wish to see,” Wilson implores the viewer. “We must take it upon ourselves to make the change we wish to see in the world, no matter how great or small.” Read the rest of Wren’s artist statement here.

To see more photos of the installation and local dreamers visit our Facebook photo album here.











Other Events:

For Earth Day Fair 2012 Dream Tent Photos, go here.

Anniv Party

The Imagination Design Marathon took place at SECCA on June 2. Over 40 artists, designers, community innovators and dreamers formed teams of five to brainstorm, sketch and imagine a permanent public art installation for downtown W-S that will collect and share our community’s dreams.  Photos here.  More Details here.

The Tunnel of Dreams, presented at Earth Day Fair on April 28, 2012. was our first interactive, public art installation (aka an Imagination Installation). To see photos of this first, interactive public art exhibit go here.

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