How to Create a Dream Incubator

My 18 year old son, Nicholas, wrote the following essay in answer to the college application question, “What are you outraged about? What are you doing about it on a local level?”


We live in a democracy, but only those who already have power, fame, money or all three have any real ability to evoke big change. The Imagination Installations Project wants to change the staus quo and shake things up. This emerging grassroots organization in Winston-Salem, NC collects dreams from people of all walks of life through imagination events and public art installations. We then share the dreams on our web site, Facebook and Twitter pages. The project is just gaining real momentum, but a design has already been created for a digitally interactive public art sculpture to be located in downtown Winston-Salem that will feature the dreams of all who pass by. Select ideas will then be linked to a Dream Incubator, a group with the resources necessary to turn dreams into products and programs that can change the world. Volunteering at the group’s Imagination Design Marathon and the Earth Day Fair Dream Tent has shown me the power of “Dreaming Big and Thinking Big.” I’ve enjoyed seeing the power generated when people with common goals come together to create something significant for their community.


Thank you Nicholas for seeing the power behind our community project. I love you and will seriously miss you when you’re off at college next year changing our world for the better.

~ Mom (aka Cheryl Schirillo)

2 Responses to How to Create a Dream Incubator
  1. Teddy Burriss
    January 3, 2013 | 9:51 am

    An awesome young man with vision and desire. Great job Nicholas!!

  2. MJ Alger
    January 4, 2013 | 7:17 pm

    What a wonderful description of this fabulous project. Everytime I hear a little something about it I think, “Maybe I could get involved”. I know the world is changing and I want to be a contributing citizen of that change. So far dreaming big and thinking big about my own personal growth has taken me farther than I ever imagined. So it might just be time for me to change the “Maybe” to “I will”.