Imagine When...
everyone knows their own worth.
~ Sandy Phocas, January 2012
the dreams of children are heard over the cynicisms of adults.
~ Lynn Rhoades, October 2011
all public schools serve delicious, nutritious food to our children.
~ Cyndi Briggs, December 2011
we become a culture focused on wellness, not illness.
It's easy for ALL of us to say "I love you and respect you" to others.
~ Teddy Burriss, November 2011
every woman loves her body.
~ C.B. April 2012 at the Earth Day Fair Dream Tent
art, music, dance and theatre are considered fundamental in our schools.
~ Cyndi Briggs, April 2011
everyone makes time to dream, every day.
~ Cheryl Schirillo, October 2011
everyone in our community can feel safe riding a bike.
~ Wren Wilson, Salem College Student, January 2012
everyone on the planet has ample, clean drinking water.
~ Robin Lynn-Whitestar, September 2011
we come to see a person's worth through their soul, not their bank account.
creativity is the norm.
we can all smile and laugh without being judged.
~ Dominick Swygert, 13 yrs old, Authoring Action, Summer 2012
world peace becomes a requirement. When war is done and we leave it at that.
~ Maya Burgess, 14 yrs old, Authoring Action, July 2012
every child has access to three healthy meals a day, every day.
~ Debra, August 2011
we realize our true nature is bliss absolute.
~ Lynn Felder, Yoga Gallery, June 2012
taking time to dream becomes a pleasurable and valued habit.
~ Mark Leech, SECCA, November 2011
everyone practices tolerance.
- Tina Ketchie-Sterns, March 2012
we invest in ourselves and our community.
~ Lucinda Brogdan, February 2012
healthcare and college are universal and free for everyone.
~ Taylor J.C., 15 yrs old, Authoring Action, July 2012
every child in Winston-Salem has a place to call home with people who love them.
~ Jasmine Little, 14 yrs. old, Authoring Action (former foster care child)
liberal and conservative ideas merge for the good of the world.
~ Tim Johnson, October 2012
love is the only binding marriage contract.
~ Tony Jenkins, 17 yrs. old, Authoring Action
Free, renewable energy is available for all.
~ WSW, May 2012
we long for the moment rather than the weekend or 5 pm.
~ @NCwiseman, March 2012
peace reigns in our hearts and on this earth.
~ White Star, December 2011
we all aspire to inspire.
~ Julie Crayne, November 2011

Imagination Statements

Imagine When…
The world is a happy place. – T.S.
Everyone on the planet has ample, clean drinking water. – R.L.
We really know our neighbors. – Gail Fisher
Everyone embraces the power of their imaginations. – Cheryl Schirillo
Every person has a safe place to call home. – Sandy
We all believe it’s more important to be happy than right. – WSW
We all live without fear. – Jan Detter
Everything around us is colorful. – Taylor Johnson
We all long for the moment and not just Friday or 5:00 pm. – Teddy Burriss
Everyone realizes the value of their dreams. ~ C.B.S.
Art, music, dance and theatre are considered fundamental in our schools. – Cyndi Briggs
Everyone with a dream to open a new business does so successfully. – Thomas
It’s easy for all of us to say “I Love you” and “I respect you” to others. – @NCWiseman
Everyone has a real friend. – Tina S.
Everyone has enough to eat, every day. ~ Cheryl Lindsay
Everyone feels loved. ~ Debra Chiarello
We are all excited about offering our talents. – Richard
The innocence of a child stays within us. – Mimi Cunningham
W-S has public health so effective, and health care costs so available, that companies are eager to do business here and people travel across the country to study our success. ~ Jim Toole

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